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Automatic ROPP Capping Machine

Automated ROPP Capping Machine, Electric Control Panels, Power Control Panels, Electrical Control Panels, Motor Control Panels, and Power Control Center are some of the products we are a prominent manufacturer of in Ambarnath, India.

Automatic Single Head ROPP Capping Machine

Automatic Multi Head ROPP Capping Machine


Semi Automatic ROPP Cap Sealing Machine

SVASRCs is a very compact, low-cost and easy-to-use ROPP cap sealing machine with semi automatic mechanism. This model is ideal for capping and sealing ROPP caps on bottles, especially at slow speeds. The container had to be fed manually and unloaded manually. It is manually fed previously filled bottles, in which the body and neck of the container are placed below the rotating head, and the sealing head is performing flawless capping operations with uniform torque. There are four rollers in the sealing head. Skirting, spinning, and sealing are done by two rollers while threading is done by two other rollers according to the bottle neck's diameter. A cam moves the sealing head upward after sealing is complete, allowing the sealed bottle to be unloaded.

Salient Features of Semi Automatic ROPP Cap Sealing Machine:


  • The body of this SS is elegantly matt-finished.
  • Model that is very compact and versatile.
  • Integrated control panel on the front.
  • It is easy to set up and does not require any changes for different container diameters.
  • Different gauges and size of caps require different sealing pressures.
  • Vibration and noise levels are low and power consumption is low.
  • Surfaces exposed to the elements must be hard chrome plated or clad with SS to ensure long life and resistance


ROPP Cap Sealing Machine

This ROPP Cap Sealing Machine is suitable for auto capping and sealing ROPP caps on various size bottles. This machine is easy to use, versatile, and self-supporting. As bottles are loaded onto the filling machine, they are continuously transferred to the slat conveyor belt of the sealing machine and fed through the in-feed worm for optimal spacing between two bottles before being loaded onto the in-feed star wheel. Before entering the delivery chute, ROPP caps stored in the orientation unit automatically position themselves in the correct direction. The bottles select the cap from the delivery chute and enter below the sealing head. This system consists of four rollers in total. Skirting, spinning, and sealing the cap is completed by two rollers, while threading is done by another pair of rollers based on the bottle neck diameter. In a sealing operation, the sealing head moves upward with the help of the cam and the bottle moves with the help of an exit star wheel, moving along the conveyor belt for a subsequent operation.

Salient Features of ROPP Cap Sealing Machine:


  • Totally GMP-compliant model.
  • There is no container and no cap arrangement.
  • Stainless steel matt finished body.
  • Single motor synchronizes platform turret, star wheel, and conveyor.
  • Sealing pressure can be varied depending on gauge and cap size.
  • A cap bowl with a special hopper is designed to increase the cap's storage capacity.
  • Smooth and noiseless operation, vibration-free operation.
  • The guide profile is made of self-lubricating UHMW-PE with a low friction wear surface.
  • SS cladding or hard chrome plating of all exposed parts to ensure long life and resistance against corrosion.
  • Universal coupling for quick and easy setting of In feed worm.
  • Adjustable bottle height gauge for easy and quick setting.


Optional Features of ROPP Cap Sealing Machine:


  • Height can be adjusted by a motorized system.
  • Cabinet made from acrylic.