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Liquid Filling Machine

This range of liquid filling machines is suitable for fast filling of liquids having different viscosity level. This array of stainless steel filling machines comprises of metal conveyor, self centering technology based reciprocating nozzle and steel syringe. These machines maintain 1% filling accuracy during filling of each doses. Offered liquid filling machines are equipped with standard components like motor, conveyor gear box and safety guards for pneumatic cylinder.  Per hour output and number of head of this range of liquid filling systems vary as per different models. To meet customers, specific application needs, optional nitrogen flushing system is provided with this range of machines.

Shampoo Filling Machine

Filling range of this Shampoo Filling machine is between 50 ml to 2000 ml. Made of stainless steel, its working capacity is between 60 to 240 bottles in every minute. The operator needs to place containers non-automatically below its filling nozzles. Shampoo is filled as per pre determined volume. This machine has around four filling heads, PLC controller, servo motor, SS 304/316 grade stainless steel contact parts and pneumatic accessories. User friendly operating interface is one of its key aspects. Most of the components of this Shampoo Filling machine belong to renowned brands of international repute.

Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine

 SVAVLF100/150/200 works on the principle of volumetric liquid filling with diving nozzles. A volumetric liquid filling machine can fill different viscosity liquids into containers. The stainless steel built filling machine consists of a stainless steel slat conveyor, a reciprocating nozzle with self-cantering devices, and a stainless steel syringe. 

The empty containers are conveyed along a movable stainless steel slat conveyor and stopped via a pneumatically or mechanically operated stopper system below the filling nozzles. Filling is accomplished by the filling nozzle beneath the container. Through the use of twin pneumatically operated stopper systems and reciprocating nozzles, it is easy to match the container precisely below the nozzles, avoiding liquid spillage. Liquid doses can easily be adjusted using a hexagonal bolt, which is fitted beneath syringes.

Salient Features of Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine:


  • Low power consumption, low noise, and no vibrations.
  • 1% filling accuracy for single doses.
  • Stylish and easy-to-use control panel for total control of operation.
  • Self-lubricating UHMW-PE guide profiles optimize chain wear and ensure smooth conveyance.
  • Under the conveyor is a drip tray.
  • An arrangement for stopping bottles pneumatically or mechanically.
  • Conveyor gear box, motor, and pneumatic cylinders safety guards.
  • Nitrogen flushing system provided (Pre or Post) at customer's request.


Optional Features of Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine:


  • Conveyor belt chain washing system by automatic means
  • Pre-inspection built into the machine.
  • Cabinet made from acrylic.
  • Flushing with nitrogen.
  • Holding tank for flotation